Round Cribs : Good for Your Baby

If you are an expectant first-time parent, you should make it a point to research before you buy any baby furniture, including a round crib, for your little one.

You want to make sure that your baby will be safe and comfortable at the same time. Cribs are one of the biggest and most important purchases of parents for their babies.

There are two types of cribs today, the standard rectangular cribs and round cribs. Between the two, round cribs are more expensive and they are often considered as the safer type of cribs.

If you are thinking of getting your baby a round crib, instead of the regular rectangular crib, it is must to research on the Internet first so that you will know how much they run for and you can be prepared for the added expense.

What is so special about these round cribs which make them very expensive? Round cribs are beautiful to the eyes. Most of them come with canopies and sometimes, handmade carvings. Round cribs help maximize space in a nursery and that is why a lot of parents favor them.

Round Cribs Are Safer

Round baby cribs are also safer for your little one. Why? Because of the fact that they lack sharp edges and corners. Round cribs also have bigger surface areas. Compared to 27 inches of surface area in rectangular cribs, round baby cribs mostly have a diameter of 42 inches. There is much room for your baby to move around in. This also makes it less likely for your baby to hit himself on the other side of the bed if he falls down.

Placing the round crib in the middle of the room will allow your baby to have a 360-degree of the entire room. This gives your baby a visual feast. Some round baby cribs have swinging doors which can be opened by parents and they can slide in. Would a round baby crib be enough for an adult and a little baby? Yes. Most round cribs have a diameter of 3 ½ diameter so it has just enough space for parents to curl up beside their baby. You will just have to make sure that the round baby crib you purchased is durable enough to support both your weight.

There are also round baby cribs which can be converted to a toddler bed. Almost all round baby cribs have this conversion option available. This allows you to use the crib longer so you get value for your money.

Round Cribs Are More Expensive

However, there are some downsides to round baby cribs. It can be quite hard to find bedding for cribs like these. Most junior beds are designed to fit crib mattresses. Their cost is also another disadvantage. As mentioned earlier, round cribs are more costly than regular baby cribs.